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Project does not compile


The project will not even compile. Too many missing asseblies and dll.
Also should remove the references to your TFS server, source control etc.
Probably should separate the projects. The packaging is VERY confusing with too many projects. You should probably upload 2 separate projects. (a) A project that simply includes ALL that is needed to load and run the application. So, your user will simply create the DB and and Hit F5 and run the app.
(b) A Project (developer project) that includes all the stuff that is currently crammed into the current upload.
Currently NOT usable is.
just a thought,


dchitnis wrote May 28, 2011 at 2:49 PM

Agree that the assemblies are missing. Will take due care while packaging for next release. I will try and update the documentation for this packaging to work as is.

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